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We empower FMCGs with innovative technologies to revamp their core processes and thrive in harsh business scenarios through data, analytics, and automation.

Our solutions and services ensure:

Data collection on any scale using intelligent digital forms with custom fields peculiar to each capture project.

Enumeration without limits in diverse locations, even in remote locations with poor internet connectivity.

Routine agile inventory monitoring and retail audits/inspection to measure retail success.

Effective supervision of deployed capture agents in real-time to boost productivity.

Efficient retail census and detailed store analysis for market intelligence and profitability.

Improved decision making with geographically targeted market data and analytics.

Robust Data Capture And Management Solution For BAT Retail Census Project.

The Client

British American Tobacco plc is a British multinational company that manufactures and sells cigarettes, tobacco and other nicotine products. BAT is the world’s most international tobacco group, operating in more countries than any other.

The Need

British American Tobacco (BAT) needed to conduct a Retail Census Project which focused on measuring their business growth, understanding their market distribution, and getting some key business insights across the Nigerian Market.

Seamfix as a Solutions Provider

Seamfix swooped in as a digitization enabler, powering a mobile data capture solution that enables the conversion of all kinds of paper forms to digital forms, enhancing the collection of just about any type of data required including textual and biometric data, and ultimately the running of day-to-day organisational activities.

Success Story

The project was a huge success as it brought about enough data for a robust marketing strategy in their industry. There is no doubt that the data gathered through the retail census offered BAT an edge to make more decisive market decisions to reposition products over competitors.

With our offline capture value offering, the BAT foot agents were able to capture outlets in rural areas with poor internet connection; this helped them meet their target with ease and at an affordable cost. BAT enjoyed the benefit of robust analytics for enhanced and apt measurement, evaluation, and export boost for their products.

Key Achievements


retail outlets captured nationwide in 3 months using 330 field agents

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