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In the competitive world of telecommunications, we equip companies within the space with the best-suited technology to up their ante and compete for market domination on an even field.

Our solutions and services ensure:

Seamless digital KYC with utmost compliance with all regulatory standards for biometric enrolment.

Efficient and simplified SIM registration project on any scale with faster activation and turnaround time.

Identity management for fraud control with AI-powered anti-spoofing technology and multi-level identity verification.

Streamlined customer onboarding process and touch points which ensures faster acquisition, higher satisfaction, and better retention.

Simplified operations and team management to improve productivity and project efficiency.

High profitability and competitive advantage through enabling technologies and strategic decision-making backed by data.

Seamless SIM Registration with Compliance for MTN

The Client

MTN Group Limited is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African and Asian countries. Active in over 20 countries, MTN is the ninth largest mobile network operator in the world.

The Need

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had imposed a fine of $5.2 billion USD against MTN for failing to register SIM cards with identity details. Because of this, MTN needed a new registration process that would meet all the national regulatory requirements for KYC as set by the regulatory authority; as part of its identity management solution to ensure strict compliance and quality control during enrolment of new and old SIM subscribers in Nigeria.

Seamfix as a Solutions Provider

Seamfix came to the rescue, and within a short period of 10 days, delivered and went live with a robust SIM Registration Biometric Suite that ensures compliant biometric enrolment with real-time capture and validation of textual and biometric data —  including name, fingerprint, date of birth, face (picture), address, and other identifying details/ proofs of identity documents.

Success Story

Today, beyond helping MTN avert further sanctions from NCC, Seamfix continues to simplify mobile SIM registration and KYC compliance, ensuring telecommunication companies and law enforcement agencies can identify mobile phone SIM card owners, track criminals who use phones for fraudulent activities and ultimately help service providers know their customers better.

Key Achievements

Managing a device catalogue of over


mobile registration kits in different locations nationwide


Biometric SIM registrations and growing daily.


Subscriber records are captured in a day, with their data synchronized and their mobile lines activated for calls.

Empowering organizations to meet their goals through digital transformation!