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New technologies, like the ones we innovate, empower the government to make data-driven decisions and policies, improve effectiveness, control corruption, and enhance processes across all parastatals and projects.

Our solutions and services ensure:

Simplified revenue management processes that automate the collection, distribution, and tracking of formal and informal revenue.

Seamless primary data collection, from asset enumeration to population census, we guarantee seamless data capture with speed, online and offline.

Smooth verification processes that identify valid IDs thereby restricting ghost workers and fraudulent activities.

Centralized data digitization process which makes provision to unify all data on a single and secure platform.

Full digitization suite for government agencies to transform their processes and meet the evolving needs of citizens.

Data-driven digital solutions to support a variety of policies that bring about the growth of the economy.

Powering Limitless National Identification Number (NIN) Enrolment

Nigeria has grappled for years to own a central foundational database from which her increasing population can be uniquely identified and be managed appropriately. As a response to this growing concern and necessity, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) came up with a solution in the form of a unique identifier, NIN, to be used for all transactions in Nigeria requiring identity verification.

NIMC created an enabling environment for the enrolment of Nigerians and legal residents into the national database with the provision of standards and business rules in line with global best practices for identity management.

Seamfix as a solutions provider

Seamfix earned the title of the technology company to power the NIN enrollment project across Nigeria, with a Windows front-end solution built to enable NIMC to successfully enroll millions of Nigerians into the NIN database.

Value Proposition

Using this solution, NIMC is able to securely acquire demographic and biometric data from Nigerians for the generation of NIN. The solution enforces quality checks with preset compliance rules that ensure that all data meet the highest standard of quality required to capture biometric data. It goes further to match data against existing data in the national database to confirm uniqueness before NIN is issued.

As a digitization enabler, Seamfix offers flexibility to capture data anywhere, anytime, and offers a streamlined onboarding process ensuring that everything from capture to validation can be done in one sitting without the need for paper forms, physical storage spaces, and multiple touchpoints.

Most recently, Seamfix built and deployed another frontend solution running on the Android OS to enable widespread NIN enrolment access to over 200 million Nigerians, especially in the rural areas and hinterland.


40 Million+

unique identities of Nigerians captured digitally since 2012 (on Windows).

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