Be confident you’re fully compliant and get workers certified and fit-to-work faster than ever before.

The Unifying Platform That Increases Productivity & Efficiency, Total Safety & Compliance Across Various Industries.

The Existing Model for Occupational Health and Safety is CHANGING.

Contractors lose money from compliance fines due to forged certificates and workplace accidents.

Occupational Health Service Providers (OHSPs) lose time and trust without a continuous health record per worker.

Fit workers miss out on life-changing opportunities due to lack of accessible credentials

The entire ecosystem suffers loss in efficiency from manual and repetitive processes.

Seamfix Care Revolutionizes the Occupational Health Industry to Put CERTIFIED WORKERS firmly in Control of their working life.

Our mission is to help the Occupational Health industry increase productivity, reduce costs and ensure health and safety compliance. We do this by providing a truly digital and holistic experience for safety-critical medicals.

Seamfix Care is the ecosystem “Super-Connector” that you desperately need, as we ensure optimal employee physical and mental wellbeing and help them thrive in the workplace.

At last – every Fit and Capable worker now has all the access they need to perform efficiently on any project site.

Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Right in Your Pocket

Central Surveillance For Safety-Conscious Contractors and Site Owners
Total Access and Mobility to Empower Fit Workers
Seamless Automation for Smart OH Service Providers
Seamfix is the best vendor we’ve worked with for our health and safety needs.
Their platform has increased our staff’s happiness in the workplace as they know their medical data is secure and easily transferable across our multiple sites

CEO Curasoft

Powerful Technology to Keep Workers Thriving and Boost Industrial Revenue.

Cross Platform

Available on Web and Mobile (Android + IOS) for immediate accessibility and self-service.

BlockChain Enabled

Store, Issue and Share Key data and Certificates across the entire ecosystem securely.

Biometric Capabilities

Easily identify workers using leading edge Facial Recognition capabilities, no matter their status or medical history.

Integrated Environment

Push and send data from other business critical systems to drive compliance at all levels.

Ready to Wave Goodbye to Safety Spreadsheets and Manual Processes that Slow your Productivity?

Seamfix care is the platform driven by one purpose – to make working in a safe and conducive environment easy – Just as it should be.

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