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The Future of Occupational Health: Trends and Predictions for Service Providers

by Temidayo Afolabi

Over the years, occupational health (OH) has been one core sector that has ensured work has progressed as it should while every personnel maintains the required physical, mental, and social health and wellness status in the workplace. These exploits are not separable from some of the designated activities of the occupational health sector. 

Meanwhile, almost everything you could think of is revolving, and so is OH. In the nearest future, some of the trends and predictions to turn the industry around positively are: 

Remote Monitoring and Telemedicine 

With advancements in technology, occupational health service providers (OHSPs) will increasingly use remote monitoring and telemedicine to provide care to employees. With the right technology, OHSPs can track employees whose health credentials are expiring and will soon require renewals.

Focus on Mental Health 

Occupational health service providers will emphasise addressing mental health concerns among employees, as stress and burnout continue to be major issues. Beyond ailments or past health records that can affect employees physically at work, OHSPs will now focus on mental health records and how the recurrence can be avoided among employees.

Integration With AI and Machine Learning 

Service providers will use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their services, such as through predictive analytics and early warning systems; health hazards could be predicted, and every required measure will be put in place to abate or stop it.

Emphasis on Prevention and Wellness 

Through programs such as health screenings, wellness initiatives, and ergonomic assessments, occupational health service providers will focus on preventing injuries and illnesses before they occur rather than just attending to them after they happen.

Greater Use of Wearable Technology 

Wearable technology, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches, will be increasingly used to monitor employee health and provide real-time feedback on risk factors. This helps to avoid any time-taking process and deliver prompt results for proactive responses.

Increased Use of Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality will be used to provide training, education, and even treatment for work-related conditions.

Greater Use of Data and Analytics 

Big data has gained the main stage in recent times. Occupational health will not shy away from leveraging how data can be analysed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions. Service providers will use data and analytics to gain insights into employee health and safety and identify and address workplace risks.

As an OHSP, how can you upgrade your service delivery with these trends?

  1. Remote monitoring and telemedicine with a solution like Seamfix Care can benefit occupational health providers by allowing them to reach more employees and provide care more efficiently while reducing the need for in-person visits.
  2. An emphasis on mental health can benefit providers by improving employee well-being, reducing absenteeism and presenteeism, and enhancing productivity.
  3. Integration with AI and machine learning can benefit providers by allowing them to more quickly and accurately identify potential health risks and improve their services’ efficiency.
  4. A focus on prevention and wellness can benefit providers by reducing the number of injuries and illnesses in the workplace, which can lower healthcare costs and improve employee productivity.
  5. Greater use of wearable technology can benefit providers by providing them with real-time data on employee health and fitness, which can help to identify potential risks and improve overall health outcomes.
  6. Increased use of virtual reality can benefit providers by providing training and education to employees and also allowing employees to recover from injuries more quickly.
  7. Greater use of data and analytics can benefit providers by giving them insights into employee health and safety and allowing them to identify and address risks in the workplace more effectively.

5 Ways Seamfix Care Can Improve Your Efficiency As An Occupational Health Practitioner

by Temidayo Afolabi

Being an Occupational Health practitioner or Occupational Health Service Provider makes you an integral part of an Occupational Health ecosystem that has been around for decades. Several Occupational Health practitioners have come and gone, but one thing has remained the same, the need to improve their everyday activity towards achieving workplace wellness via fewer procedures.

The world is constantly evolving and technology is making its mark in different spheres, including the Occupational Health industry, but some Occupational Health (OH) practitioners are still held back by the manual processes they use, whether as an OH admin or an OH manager. The Occupational Health industry today requires more. Better medical data security, error-free processes that enhance compliance at a high level, more ‘fit for work’ employees etc. All of these requirements go beyond what regular Occupational Health Service Providers(OHSPs) can achieve, and only a few exposed to contemporary technology can match the pace and thrive.

Become a better Occupational Health (OH) practitioner today with Seamfix Care, and take your practice to the next level with top-tier technology that automates your manual processes and boosts efficiency.

See beyond the days of paperwork, long queues, and overwhelming manual data filing.

Seamfix Care is a new technology uniquely built for OHSPs who want to see their practice from a different point of view – a seamless one that makes life easy for everyone.

Are you looking for ways to be more efficient as an OH practitioner with the singular use of a tool? Take a deep breath! Seamfix Care is the game-changing solution that can be used right from your mobile device(s).

Here are 5 ways Seamfix Care can make you a better OH practitioner. You will realise how easy your work can be. Read on:

From Analog to Digital

With Seamfix Care, you can save time and reduce operation costs as you digitise cumbersome administrative processes and issue verifiable digital health passports on the go.

Easy Auditing and Accreditation

With an all-in-one dashboard, Seamfix Care gives you a hold of everything you need to know – including your list of partnering contractors, workers needing medicals, their health status, and the due dates of their current health certificates. With this information at your fingertips, auditing becomes fast and accurate, and accreditation of newly enrolled or renewing workers for medicals becomes easy.

Less Marketing, More Revenue 

Being registered on Seamfix Care brings positive returns to your organisation by helping you stay visible in the marketplace. Seamfix Care enables you to get seen by users (workers and subcontractors) who need to work with Occupational Health Service Providers. Without placing an advert, you get positioned in front of your prospects.

Risk Management

Things can go from good to worse in a matter of seconds in a case of data mismanagement, mismatch, falsification, alteration, or loss. But with Seamfix Care, you can stay off risky paths by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to store health records that can only be accessed and verified by authorised parties.

Automated Processes, From Start to Finish 

From clients’ data collection to credential issuance and verification, Seamfix Care walks you through what should take a long time and effort to achieve with a few minimal steps. Now you can collect workers’ details electronically before they book appointments and show up for their tests.

Beyond these, Seamfix Care is a representation of the future of technology in the Occupational Health industry, don’t miss out on an opportunity to transform your Occupational Health practice. Want to know more about Seamfix Care? Book a demo session to learn more now.