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How do I get my Nigerian NIN in the UK?

by Ayomide Ofulue


Curious to know how to enrol for your NIN as a Nigerian in the UK?

As the official proof of identity for all Nigerian citizens (over 16 years old), the National Identity Number (NIN) is the most inclusive program in the continent of Africa.

In Nigeria, The NIN is used for all transactions requiring identity verification from travel (international passport application & acquisition), opening personal bank accounts, getting your driver’s license, obtaining your Permanent Voters’ Card, paying your taxes and much more. 

See the full list of benefits here. 

But How about Nigerians abroad? Are you excluded from your national rights based solely on your geography?

Not so.

With a valid NIN anywhere you are in the diaspora, you can:

  • Register and maintain access to your Nigerian SIM card.
  • Gain complete access to services from the Nigerian Government anywhere.
  • Register for a Voters Card and the freedom to vote as a franchised Nigerian citizen.
  • Renew your International Passport wherever you are.
  • Register for a driver’s licence as a Nigerian.
  • Open a Nigerian bank account or reactivate a dormant account.
  • Carry out consular services for Nigerian embassies and missions abroad.

NIMC has allowed every Nigerian citizen to have a NIN home or abroad through their online portal and partnership with agents in different parts of the world.

These partners are licensed companies with the legal capacity from NIMC to obtain and transmit biometric data in the operating countries.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for Nigerians abroad to register and acquire their National Identity Number in the United Kingdom.


How to Enrol for your NIN in the UK

  1. Check for a NIMC-approved enrollment centre: Seamfix is proud to be one of the licensed partners here in the UK. We currently have four centres for your NIN enrollment – Reading, Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton.You can also download the Diaspora fact sheet from NIMC here.
  2. Contact the centre and book an appointment or walk-in for your enrollment: We’ve made enrolment as convenient as possible through our online portal. Visit our website today to book a time slot that suits you!
  3. Complete your enrollment with the licensed agent and receive your NIN.


It’s as easy as that!

After collecting your NIN, be sure to check out these safety practices to secure your identity data from theft and fraudulent use.

NIN and PVC in the UK


What documents Do you need?

If you’re above 18, you’ll require: 

  • Nigerian International Passport (Valid or Expired)
  • Nigerian Birth Certificate
  • Attestation Letter from Nigerian Embassy / Mission
  • Government ID (for staff of FGN)

If you or someone you know is under 18, you’ll require:

  • Valid NIN of parent or guardian
  • Names of parent or guardian


Comfort and Speed – The Seamfix way

NIMC’s enrolment figures as of February 21, 2022, currently stand at some 75.36 million unique records. 

And Seamfix is proud to play a major role in this statistic as our products such as Biosmart and Android Enrolment Solution enable NIMC to carry out widespread data capture in all states with or without internet connectivity.

Now we’ve partnered with NIMC in the United Kingdom to extend enrollment services to citizens in the diaspora – giving them access to the official identity record so that they can access Nigerian services wherever they are without marginalization.

Our enrollment process is simple. You can book an appointment in our corporate office in Reading or simply just walk into our general enrolment centre in Reading, Birmingham, Southampton or Manchester.

Your National Identification Number (NIN) Is your identity as a Nigerian no matter where you are. 

Visit our portal to begin your first step to national inclusion – hassle-free or learn more about our work in the UK!