Seamfix: The Value-oriented Identity Solution Provider for Every Nigerian in the UK

Seamfix: The Value-oriented Identity Solution Provider for Every Nigerian in the UK

Since the Nigerian government introduced the National Identification Number (NIN) over sixteen years ago, it has become a crucial document required at almost every important point of identity verification- including passport issuance, national voter’s card registration, driver’s license registration, etc. The NIN has recently become the go-to reference identity document for every Nigerian adult. 

If you are a Nigerian residing in the UK and you have not given so much thought to having your NIN like other Nigerians, perhaps, you have assumed you must catch a flight back to Nigeria to get it done. Here is a self-explanatory guide on how Seamfix, as an accredited NIMC partner, can help you get a valid NIN in the UK in any of our walk-in centres. 

By the way, your identity is a gift that must be cherished; as precious as it is, it could be problematic when managed carelessly, and that’s why you must ensure you tick every safety checkbox regarding your information.

According to the National Identity Management Commission, “your National Identification Number is used to tie together all records about you – demographic data, fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture, other biometric data, and digital signature – in the National Identity Database, making it relatively easy to confirm and verify your identity when you engage in travels and transactions.”

To make life easier for Nigerian citizens, NIMC recently announced a move inspired by digital transformation to replace NIN with Virtual National Identity Number (vNIN). As the name suggests, it is a virtual alternative that is easily accessible, more secure, and still unique to every citizen as usual. 

At Seamfix, we are big on making processes seamless and results favorable; hence, we hold your hands and help you integrate into vNIN quickly. With our agent code, you can quickly generate yours for any registration while you can be assured that your data is protected and away from prying eyes. 

vNIN is a more secure digital alternative to the unique numbers every registered individual presents at every required point. With vNIN, users now have to generate and present one-time tokens at every point in time. Once again, Seamfix provides the cover you need from the vulnerability attached to exposing your NIN.

Beyond personal reasons, having a government-recognised means of identification comes in handy the moment you decide to register a business in Nigeria. Apart from serving as a means of confirming your citizenship, it builds trust and credibility with your prospects as you are discoverable and verifiable. 

Rest assured.

We will always prioritise making life easier for you with more digital innovations any time, any day.



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