Seamfix Care: Innovation Towards Excellence

Seamfix Care: Innovation Towards Excellence

9 out of 10 Occupational Health practitioners have three motives that drive their activities:

  • promoting and maintaining the highest degree of physical, mental, and social well-being for workers in any occupation,
  • complying with every Occupational Health (OH) industry standard, and
  • giving their clients the best customer experience possible across different industries.

As simple as these may sound, Occupational Health Service Providers(OHSPs) still run into problems that make these activities unachievable.

Healthcare is one of the most audited industries, meaning every process needs to work perfectly; every practitioner must be fully trained on every service they deliver, and the current systems that support the practitioners and their processes must be nothing short of perfection. Moreover, the Occupational Health industry comprises lean organisations and doesn’t have the luxury of time to lag on digital transformation like other industries.

When things are not put in place, it becomes hard for OHSPs to meet industry demands and professional expectations, and seamlessly execute everyday operations. This could be appointment scheduling, sorting through complex surveillance paperwork, securing and retaining health data, etc. 

The need for a positive change is more visible than ever, a transformation is needed, and that is why the first step towards a new OHS experience has started…

During the heat of the pandemic, Adrian Walter (Seamfix’s UK Business Lead), had a flair for innovating a health solution to improve adherence to organisations’ health and safety protocols. Which turned out to be beneficial during the pandemic as many companies were able to comply with COVID protocols.

Following the successful innovation, he began to ideate how to create the perfect Occupational Health experience. With the help of a major OHSP stakeholder, they imagined a world with less administration. A world where important compliance credentials such as medical certificates are one click away from being with the right people. A world where the worker carries their health passport on their smartphone. They also envisaged better data security, compliance, and the many bottlenecks in Occupational Health Services.

The many ideas that were brought up were able to see the light of day when Adrian Walter joined Seamfix, a software development company with a rich history of building automated systems for businesses notwithstanding size.

Today, Seamfix Care, a digital and holistic system that allows Occupational Health providers escape manual, redundant processes by digitising their service offerings to maintain an optimum standard of delivery, is undergoing a pilot and is set to achieve groundbreaking results!

Seamfix Care is that powerful technology that will transform the Occupational Health industry and keep it thriving amidst rapid changes occurring in the world. It is an industry-led platform that is set to revolutionize Occupational Health in the areas of business process automation, credential management, health examinations and surveillance etc.

Seamfix Care will not only be the digital bridge connecting credential issuers, the subjects (workers), and credential verifiers, but it will also be an open marketplace where every party gets connected to their potential clients. It’s uniquely tailored to the end-to-end needs of the Occupational Health industry and the clients across multiple industries.

What has been demonstrated is that with the right technology partner, Occupational Health companies can deliver innovative services through processes influenced by digital transformation.

Adrian Walter and the Seamfix team are now starting to work with Occupational Health providers and independents to refine the technology, hence ensuring that Seamfix Care is the perfect intersection between Occupational Health companies and the many industries they support. If that sounds like you, get in touch.



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