7 Frequently Asked Questions about Seamfix Care Answered


Smart people deserve smart solutions. According to Malcolm Forbes, the American entrepreneur, “the smart ones ask when they don’t know. And, sometimes, when they do.” Hence, we have compiled a list of some of the most common questions our customers have about Seamfix Care and the clearest possible answers to these questions.

Rest assured, your concerns about what Seamfix Care is and what it does are about to be addressed. Read on!

What is Seamfix Care?

Seamfix Care is an all-in-one solution that furnishes your business with standardized digital processes, including biometric technology, digital credential management, data verification, and workers’ data storage. It is solely developed to substitute your tasking manual processes with seamlessly automated ones.

Who can use Seamfix Care?

Seamfix Care easily transcends various industries due to its unique features that can provide vast possibilities. These industries currently benefit from Seamfix Care – occupational health, professional training centres, occupational workers, and government agencies, among others. Summarily, Seamfix Care satisfies credential issuers, credential verifiers, and credential owners at the same time.

Is my data encrypted on Seamfix Care?

Yes! Seamfix Care prioritises your data’s protection as much as you do. It automatically encrypts your data only to allow authorised individuals to access it when required. With Seamfix Care, you can be sure your data is always in the right hands.

How does Seamfix Care tackle identity theft?

With up-to-date biometric technology, Seamfix Care ensures that no generated credential is duplicated falsely or repurposed by any individual besides the owner. It enables verifiers to scan and reveal the only identity tied to each credential on the go; that way, it becomes impossible for someone else to claim another’s credential for any purpose.

Why did Seamfix Care adopt Blockchain technology?

Besides the term “Blockchain” being a buzz word in technology and innovation, Seamfix Care adopted blockchain technology because of its uniqueness as a decentralised system that can house data securely and make it readily available to only authorised individuals. Aside from satisfying its users, Seamfix Care is big on data security and validity, hence the adoption of a system that readily provides the solution.

Does Seamfix Care guarantee absolute credential security?

Due to the vulnerability of credentials and how they can be easily altered, Seamfix Care uses SeamCred – a smart credentialing system to manage its credentialing process.

Basically, the credentials on Seamfix Care are equipped with an “IDQR” – the easiest way to think about an IDQR is a QR code with your photo in it. This means that the digital identity is encrypted and cannot be decrypted by a third party.

Better still, your issued credentials are secured on a blockchain, so they can be verified without moving the credentials from the subject’s smartphone to the verifier’s system.

Is my safety critical medical information secure on Seamfix Care?

Due to the sensitivity of medical information, Seamfix Care ensures your data is unavailable to unauthorised personnel. It helps you maintain the required confidentiality in your operations, and allows you easy access to your information when required. You never have to worry about sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

Now that you know more about Seamfix Care than you did before reading this article, why not see it in action by booking a demo session today. And if an extra question just popped up, why not speak to an expert waiting at the other end now?



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