What Difference Does A Digital Fit-for-Task Certificate Make For You?

What Difference Does A Digital Fit-for-Task Certificate Make For You?

Have you ever imagined how things can turn around quickly when you’re just settling down on your new job? You have probably started making long-term plans to enjoy the benefits that come with the job, but you suddenly get a call that you’re being investigated for certificate forgery!

Oops! Someone just falsified your ‘hard copy’ fit-for-task certificate, and the counterfeit was traced back to you. This could be disastrous for your reputation, job and new plans.

No doubt, a ‘hard copy’ fit-for-task certificate has its pros and cons, but in a situation like this, where the cons outweigh the pros, what difference can a better alternative make? How is a digital fit-for-task certificate a game changer for every industrial blue-collar worker?

Why You Should Opt For A Digital Fit-for-Task Certificate?


With a digital fit-for-task certificate generated by a blockchain-enabled technology like Seamfix Care, you can be assured that your certificate is being hosted on a secure database that unauthorised personnel can’t reach. By opting for this, only you, your occupational health service provider (OHSP), and your employer can access it.

Easy Access

Relieve your potential employer from the complex administrative procedure of requesting ‘hard copy’ certificates. By owning a digital fit-for-task certificate, it takes just a few clicks on a system like Seamfix Care to request, download, and verify your certificate’s authenticity without stress. The quicker you get through this process, the faster you get employed.


Avoid every possibility of making critical errors on information like misspelt names, mismatched photographs, and other possible errors tied around creating documents manually. With a digital certificate, you can breeze through fit-for-task verification accurately without delays.

Now that you understand that a digital fit-for-task certificate can make life easier for you, what if you aim for more by presenting a digital health certificate with an IDQR feature?

Seamfix Care’s IDQR is an innovation that allows certificate issuers to embed QR codes in the passport photograph on each certificate for better identity verification.

It builds trust between you and your employer and saves you from any legal mixup pertaining to document forging.

Save yourself and your future today. Start using Seamfix Care to generate digital fit-for-task certificates.



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