How Digital Health Forms Can Transform Healthcare Services

Digital health forms are elevating the standard of operations in many healthcare centers around the world, unlike paper forms that posed a serious productivity problem especially in managing and processing patient data.

A common example in many hospitals and care centers is the sight of an administrator or nurse manually collecting data with paper forms. And afterward, painstakingly input these data into a computer system. In some other cases, these paper documents are just stored in a file repository where you see file upon file stashed one on another.

How many patient files have been lost or mishandled in such a system? How much time could have been saved with a more streamlined process of data collection?

This is the essence of digital health forms, helping healthcare practitioners deliver quality healthcare by removing the stress of manual data collection and enabling better patient support.

Here, we make a case for the digitization of health forms, explaining the advantages of using a digital health form in different healthcare scenarios.


Advantages Of Using Digital Health Forms

1. Register Patients Faster

Digital health forms offer premium support to hospitals by making patient registration easier for everyone. Health forms on mobile devices can be quickly filled way faster than manual registration can onboard hospital patients. 

For instance, by making online platforms available to your patients for registration, a patient can fill in all their details before even getting to the hospital. This reduces patient agitation and saves their time — generally improving the service delivery of a care centre.

2. Provide Relevant Information To Healthcare Practitioners At The Right Time

Digital Health forms remove the friction of looking for a patient file in a poorly kept file repository.

With features like name search, Digital health form software can provide a doctor or nurse with a patients’ data in seconds. This saved time can prove life-saving in emergencies and also put an end to file mixup and information loss in transit.

3. Save Operational Costs Of Managing Paper Forms

Paper is expensive. Printing is expensive. Storing them in a room also takes up additional space and time that needs to be accounted for.

In terms of sustainability, paper forms also take a whack on the environment, as more trees are cut down, which has an adverse effect on climate change.

Digital health forms can save healthcare organizations money, human capital and time as it completely eradicates all of the disadvantages of paper forms, enabling your staff to focus more on their core roles and reduce budget costs.

4. Comply With Data Standards And Secure Patient Information

Healthcare organizations can ensure their patient data meets the highest standards required locally and internationally with digital health forms.

By taking control of data fields and input, your care centre never has to worry about failing compliance regulations or inaccurate patient information.


Choosing The Right Digital Health Form For Your Healthcare Centre


Like many digitized solutions, the healthcare sector is home to a lot of forms that are used for different purposes. From medical records to laboratory results, intake forms, clinical data and many more. The existence of these in silos, therefore, make it difficult for the administration to select the right software for their unique needs.

Luckily, Seamfix has exactly the right all-in-one software platform you need to meet your organization’s data capture requirements.

BioRegistra, as a digital health form software, allows healthcare providers to gather all their forms in one place. The platform provides you with everything you need to move from using paper forms quickly and efficiently without burdening your IT or medical staff.

With BioRegistra, you can create simple web and mobile forms to collect all kinds of information anywhere, anytime. From Text to Pictures to Biometrics, Geolocation and Signature

There’s a chance to do more with your forms when you make them digital. What are you waiting for?

Take a quick look at BioRegistra and digitally transform your healthcare organization for quality healthcare service delivery.



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