All The Compliance Checkboxes You Should Tick As A Contractor In Construction

All The Compliance Checkboxes You Should Tick As A Contractor In Construction

Every company has a boss or leadership that gives directives that must be adhered to at all times; the same goes for industries; there is always a presiding body that calls the shot and ensures all events are regulated.

From hiring the best hands to ensuring work is done the right way, the construction industry is guided by a couple of binding principles that must be complied with.

What is Compliance?

Compliance simply means abiding by a set of requirements, standards, or regulations. 

Compliance in Construction involves meeting the requirements of hiring workers on site, confirming they are medically fit for task, providing safety gear and warning signs during construction, and ensuring they work under the right conditions.

5 Compliance Checkboxes for Construction Contractors

Building Codes

These are a set of requirements that must be met to ensure only strong and safe structures are constructed. These requirements are set to help prevent accidents by any means, during construction or after. The potential hazards that building codes avert are fire hazards, electrocution, and building collapse.

Lien Standards

These are requirements that give a worker the legal right to get paid for work done and any cost incurred while purchasing any resource during a project.

Safety Regulations

These are a set of safety principles that must be adhered to keep a construction site safe for every worker and pedestrian nearby. Some of the safety materials the regulation requires are ladders, fall protection, face protection, scaffolding, and instruction signs.

Contractual Agreements

This requirement mandates workers to not be paid below minimum wage, that benefits and compensation payments are non-discriminatory, and that all project details are provided stated as accurately as possible.

Background Checks

There is a limit to the number of background checks a contractor can perform on a worker. A properly documented approval must be obtained by the contractor before background checks can be carried out.

Why Contractors Carry Out Background Checks on Workers

The construction industry is known for its physicality, heavy-duty machinery, and on-site hazards. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 150,000 workplace accidents on construction sites every year. Most of these accidents on the job site are usually caused by unpredictable circumstances, while others are caused when unfit workers handle safety-conscious parts of the job.

Conducting background checks in the form of requesting and verifying health certificates is important for the success of your project, your workers, your company and you.

With a tangible means of proving through verifiable fit-for-work certificates, that workers do not have a record of critical illnesses or allergies that could harm them on the job, you can protect your reputation and your project can start and end in due dates with no mishaps, unexpected fines or on-site tragedies.

What Do You Risk Losing When You Violate These Standards?

You may incur losses during construction, face legal penalties, have to abandon your project, damage your reputation, or even worse, be imprisoned.

What Is The Forward Thinking Approach For Contractors?

Estimating, planning, purchasing materials, and trying to get the job done by the right professionals can sometimes become overwhelming and a distraction from health and safety, but the place of compliance cannot be trivialised; automating some of these processes may be your best bet and that’s where a solution like Seamfix Care comes into play.

Seamfix Care is a one-stop technology made for contractors like you to beat compliance in the area of digitally requesting and verifying workers’ health certificates right from your mobile device.

Why Semfix Care?

Seamfix Care is an industry platform that connects you, workers and occupational health services. On Seamfix Care you can interact and verify workers’ health certificates with a unique system that combines visual IDs and custom QR codes to prevent certificate forgery and identity theft.

With Seamfix Care, you no longer have to worry about violating compliance standards or working with unfit employees.

Ready to become a better contractor with Seamfix Care? Talk to us now.



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