5 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Workplace: A Guide for Contractors

5 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Workplace: A Guide for Contractors

No doubt, employees are pumped up for the new work year, and many unfinished tasks and unattained goals from the previous year are about to be crushed with full force. 

Since the spirit is high in every department, with everyone trying to catch up from where they left off, there is every likelihood that one of the least considered areas while planning for the new year is safety and wellness in the workplace.

As a contractor whose concern is to ensure you get the right hands on the job, and everyone executes their tasks while staying in their best shape physically and mentally, here are five quick tips to ensure the workplace is filled with a safe and healthy workforce all year round.

Encourage the use of face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Ever since the calm of the pandemic, a lot of people have relaxed on basic protective measures like the use of face masks. However, to maintain a healthy work environment, it is important to ensure employees have access to the appropriate PPE for their job duties and encourage them to use it consistently.

Regularly ensure clean and hazard-free work environment 

While you are expected to comply with the requirement to only enrol employees who are physically and mentally fit for your project, it is also important to ensure the environment they will be working in and the facilities are kept clean and healthy as much as possible.  This includes regularly disinfecting areas and surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, and phones.

Encourage employees to stay home when they are feeling ill. 

It’s not strange to see some employees keep their ailments to themselves when they know it will affect their productivity and, consequently, a compensation or promotion, but to ensure employees are sound and fit to deliver their job expectations, policies that encourage employees to take time off when they are sick without fear of retribution could be implemented.

Provide education and training on occupational health and hazards

Educate workers on potential hazards in the workplace. It is important that every action taken to ensure employee well-being is clearly communicated so that employees understand the importance of adhering to safety protocols, such as wearing protective gear and face masks. In addition, first aid resources should be readily available, and employees should be trained in basic first aid techniques in case of accidents or emergencies. Most importantly, ensure employees know who to contact in an emergency or if they have concerns about their health and safety.

Encourage employees to take breaks and practice self-care. 

Work hand-in-hand with Occupational Health Service Providers to provide your employees with resources and tools to support self-care, such as access to a gym or meditation room, or make it easy for them to take short breaks during the day. These can help prevent burnout and improve overall well-being.

These strategies can help create a culture that values self-care and promotes the well-being of your employees, meanwhile, every employee is unique and should be treated differently; and at the end, overseeing a safe and healthy workforce is a plus to your organisation and a haven of bright minds who can deliver optimally without restrictions. Prioritise employee health and well-being.



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