3 Ways To Choose The Best Platform For Fit-For-Task Credentialing

3 Ways To Choose The Best Platform For Fit-For-Task Credentialing

In any work context where fit-for-task credentials are a key requirement, three entities remain constant; the credential issuer, verifier, and owner.

You’re probably reading this because you fall into one of these buckets and you’re trying to choose the best platform for fit-for-task credentialing that matches your needs. If you’re migrating from another platform or trying out a credentialling platform to generate fit-for-work certificates for the first time, this article is just for you.

Here are three quick tips to consider before choosing a  credentialing platform.

Core Features

Most digital credentialing platforms deliver on issuing and managing credentials, but there are specific features that differentiate some from others. Features like the technology that the platform is built on; most contemporary digital credentialing platforms run on blockchain technology because of its versatility and transparency. A digital credentialing platform that ties the issuer, verifier, and credential owner together for easy interaction makes work easier and influences everyone’s efficiency.

Easy Navigation

Nothing could be more tiring than getting on a platform and needing extra support to navigate the platform. A great credentialing platform saves you a lot of stress by providing you with a smooth DIY user interface and memorable user experience. If it gets too difficult navigating the platform, then achieving output may even be more complex.

Data Security

A major reason people opt for digital credentials is the security it offers. With hard copy credentials, duplication or falsification of credentials is easy. A credential management platform that can be trusted must offer extra data security features to restrict access to only authorized entities in the credentialing cycle.

Seamfix Care is a one-stop solution that incorporates these and other competitive features to make life easy for credential issuers, verifiers and owners through a quick and secure credential management platform.

Now that we’ve saved you some time on your decision-making process, you can see all of these features in action and how they are tailored to meet your needs by booking a Seamfix Care demo session here.



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