Simple, secure, and seamless device management!

The increasing number of mobile devices in your workplace can make device management a nightmare… and If that’s not bad enough, thousands of sensitive date are being stored on these devices. SmartMDM will help you track, manage and protect all your mobile devices and data, wherever they are.

Monitor, Track, Secure; Manage Multiple Mobile Devices on One Platform

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Ensure Device and Data Security

Securing your device means securing your data. Smart MDM offers a robust platform to safeguard your devices and the data they carry even remotely. This will greatly save IT costs, manage risks, and ensure you are compliant with data protection laws

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Improve Device Usage Visibility

Get insights into core activities happening with the devices assigned to users and all data captured, anywhere from a central point via real-time reports and analytics. Pool data from all devices and translate the data into insight for informed decisions.

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Manage Risks With Compliance

Ensure that activities on the devices are restricted to certain apps that are relevant to business operations. Restrict access to certain apps and media, lock any missing device, change passcodes, and
do so much more to protect your data.

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Blacklist Devices

SmartMDM allows for immediate and remote blacklisting of a device or user in case of a breach in the terms of use. Blacklisting will either restrict a user’s access to the device and its content, or lock up the device.

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Track Devices Using Geo-fence

Map mobile devices to certain locations and get notified when devices leave their assigned location. When a device leaves its location, you can remotely trigger access control to restrict some activities or deactivate the device.

Meet all your mobile device management needs with SmartMDM

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