A Smarter Way to Secure and Manage Your Data and Device!

Wrong data can RUIN your business! Even top organizations are not left out! So, What is the way forward? Are you going to risk the bad image that comes with data breach or keep spending money to replace lost device? No? We have a solution for you!

Case Studies of What Mismanagement of Data Caused an Organization

Case Study 1

Meet Dr Nathan, founder of ABZ hospitals, one of the best hospitals that provides excellent services and experience for their patients up until one little mistake occurred which turned everything upside down due to data insecurity.

At that moment, Nathan’s life froze and everything became a nightmare for him. 

The only thing to help propel him forward into strength and resilience was to think of the best approach to create a secure environment for patient documentation. 

While in search for a suitable solution, his team came across smartMDM and it seemed simple and had a reasonable pricing range, they could manage installations and the overall health of the devices, track and enforce the location of devices, to integrate to apps on the device and centrally manage identity of users, get insights into core activities happening with all mobile devices from a central point for informed decision making and countless mouth-watery features. 

It was right then Nathan knew he had found the smarter way to solve all his problems.

Case Study 2

Sally, the COO of a logistics firm of a top logistics/delivery company in Africa. Sally has a logistics company and a phone where all the details of their clients were stored. They used the phone and it reduced the amount of paperwork they had to do, and it was flexible. The phone was handled by Mr. Dan, one of her trusted staff.

One faithful day, Mr. Dan was attacked by hoodlums on his way to work. They took his bag and the bag contained his personal items and the phone that Sally’s company used for storing data! That day was very tiring as they had no client details, no way of retrieving their data too! Let’s just say, it was one of those days, no CEO wishes for!

That day was very tiring as they had no client details, no way of retrieving their data too! Let’s just say, it was one of those days, no CEO wishes for!

It didn’t end there. The hoodlum who stole the phone, checked the device and saw it contained vital data. So, he sold it to a competitor. All the while, Sally was in the dark till she got a call from Cynthia. Cynthia is both Sally’s friend and customer. Cynthia said she got a call from someone and the person claimed to be Sally’s new staff and asked if she had any delivery for the day.

This made Sally sad but the thought of how she was going to start afresh, made her sadder. But she started again and this time, she researched on; how to protect vital company’s data! That was when she got to know about SmartMDM

Thanks to SmartMDM, Sally can start all over being rest assured that her data is secured.


One smart solution, multiple sectors!

SmartMDM offers the best solution for organizations to monitor, track and secure mobile registration devices wherever they are. This solution will offer benefits to organizations spread across diverse industries, like the following:


With the rise in digital transformation in the health industry, most healthcare organizations are moving towards digital health records also known as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) which are captured on a digital form built on a mobile device. As always, data of this nature is sensitive and should be guided.

SmartMDM will ensure that the personal health information (PHI) stored on mobile devices is secure from unauthorized access and mobile device handlers are compliant with the industry regulations as regards handling data.

Transportation and Logistics

The transportation and logistics sector is on the fast rise as shop-from-home becomes a necessary convenience. This means more devices will be issued across multiple locations to propel the supply chain.

SmartMDM will allow transportation and logistics companies to track corporate devices; set policies and configuration remotely to protect the devices and prevent misuse of devices.


Mobile devices serve as a key enabling factor for a successful data capture project like SIM registration — which is a key activity for telecoms in performing their core duties. Mobile devices for SIM registration cost money, hold sensitive data and propel the capture project.

SmartMDM will ensure that these mobile devices do not get missing or into the hands of the wrong person (agents), saving the telecom security threat that can arise from bad handling of sensitive data which could lead to compliance issues.

Retail and Services

Mobile devices play a huge role in the retail and service sector to serve specific needs, like retail census or customer enumeration, or to be used as point-of-sale (POS) terminals and self-service checkouts. These devices have multiple users and management can be tricky.

With SmartMDM, management is simplified to a central platform for doing everything that ensures these devices and the data they hold are secured.


Government agencies are top handlers of sensitive data as they are mandated by the law to operate and manage databases that carry important details of individuals in the nation. These agencies carry out enumerations, like census, or nationwide enrolment to get useful data to store in the database.

SmartMDM will ensure government agencies comply with even stricter data security standards and regulations by securing the devices in the field. MDM checks and balances will also ensure increased operational efficiency.

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Case Study 3

A government agency had some cyber attackers have dig up citizens’ private information through every level of government. But it’s not just hackers that have put its personal data at risk.

Some of the biggest and most significant government data breaches come down to human error: from lost hard drives, misconfigured databases, and physical device theft to simple mistakes that lead to millions upon millions of leaked Social Security numbers, names, addresses, voting affiliations, and other sensitive data.

The government holds highly sensitive data and those who work in the public sector or with the government would need to be extremely careful!

The data breach that was caused by lost hard drives, misconfigured databases, and physical device theft could have been prevented with a MDM solution!

Imagine the danger the citizens would be in due to breach of data! The data could be seen by a kidnapper, serial killer, ritualist etc. of the citizens. That’s real DANGER calling!!!!

How can this be prevented?

Like we said earlier, through MDM solutions. Mobile Device Management (MDM) helps you increase the security level of corporate data and mobile devices. This is achieved through the MDM software by monitoring, managing the mobile devices.

Why MDM?

Critical business data are shared across different mobile devices during work hours. This means that, if the device is hacked, stolen or lost, not only would the device be missing but the data on that device can be accessed by an authorised party.

Don't wait for BAD experiences to occur!!! Get SmartMDM to Monitor, Track, Secure; Manage Multiple Mobile Devices on One Platform.

Benefits of SmartMDM

Ensure Device and Data Security

Securing your device means securing your data. Smart MDM offers a robust platform to safeguard your devices and the data they carry even remotely. This will greatly save IT costs, manage risks, and ensure you are compliant with data protection laws.

Improve Device Usage Visibility

Get insights into core activities happening with the devices assigned to users and all data captured, anywhere from a central point via real-time reports and analytics. Pool data from all devices and translate the data into insight for informed decisions.

Manage Risks With Compliance

Ensure that activities on the devices are restricted to certain apps that are relevant to business operations. Restrict access to certain apps and media, lock any missing device, change passcodes, and do so much more to protect your data.

Blacklist Devices

SmartMDM allows for immediate and remote blacklisting of a device or user in case of a breach in the terms of use. Blacklisting will either restrict a user’s access to the device and its content, or lock up the device.

Track Devices Using Geo-fence

Map mobile devices to certain locations and get notified when devices leave their assigned location. When a device leaves its location, you can remotely trigger access control to restrict some activities or deactivate the device.

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