Securing Mobile Devices and Data for Healthcare Companies!

Insecure mobile devices expose your business to security breaches and malicious attacks. Choose SmartMDM today to fully protect, track and manage thousands of mobile devices, eliminate data mismanagement risk, and ensure compliant device usage.

Better Management. Better Apps. Better Care with SmartMDM

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Securely Manage Devices

SmartMDM lets you view and manage your devices from anywhere, as if you were right there with them. Know that your devices are safe, how they are being used, and that the data they carry are protected at all times.

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Be More Effective in Service Delivery

SmartMDM will empower your service teams to be more effective by ensuring mobile devices are not used for distracting activities and staff are always at hand to provide support to customers using these devices.

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Enforce Device Usage Policies

SmartMDM lets you easily manage the security of all your devices — restrict access to certain apps and media, lock your device when it’s lost, set a passcode, and do so much more to protect the data in these devices.

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Blacklist Device in Case of Breach

Protect devices and data from getting into the wrong hands by blacklisting a device, remotely, in case of a breach to restrict a user’s access. You can wipe company-owned data on any device and revoke access privileges.

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Track Devices Using Geo-fence

Map mobile devices to certain locations and get notified when devices leave their assigned location. When a device leaves its location, you can remotely trigger access control to restrict some activities or deactivate the device.

Rest easy knowing that your devices & data are safe with SmartMDM

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