Are you a Nigerian living in UK?

NIN enrolment is now available and there is limited appointment in our office in Reading.

Book an appointment for enrolment in our corporate office in Reading or simply just walk into our general enrolment centre in Southampton or Manchester.

Why do you need a NIN?

Your National Identification Number (NIN) is your identity as a Nigerian no matter where you are.

Your NIN will be useful to:

Confirm and verify your identity when you engage in travels and transactions abroad as a Nigerian.

Register and maintain access to your Nigerian SIM card.

Gain complete access to services from the Nigerian Government anywhere.

Register for a Voters Card and the freedom to vote as a franchised Nigerian citizen.

Renew your International Passport wherever you are.

Register for a driver’s licence as a Nigerian.

Open a Nigerian bank account or reactivate a dormant account.

Carry out consular services for Nigerian embassies and missions abroad.

Your NIN is your new identity token!

Travel Ban:

Don’t miss out on attending special events, like weddings or birthday celebrations of your loved ones back home, because you couldn’t renew or acquire an international passport.

Bank account suspension:

Don’t have your Nigerian bank account suspended because your NIN isn’t tied to your bank account.

Voter’s card denial:

Don’t get disenfranchised during the next Nigerian election because you couldn’t register or renew your voter’s card.

Driver’s license denial:

Don’t lose out on getting a driver’s licence when you get back home because you do not have your NIN.

SIM card disconnection:

Don’t lose connection to your Nigerian SIM card because your NIN isn’t tied to your phone number.

Loan refusal:

Don’t get shut out of applying for government loans as a Nigerian citizen because you do not have your NIN.

What data will be captured?

Demographic data


facial picture

Digital signature

Other biometric data

Enrol for your NIN in your neighbourhood, hassle-free.

No need to hurry to an enrolment centre. Book a date that suits your schedule.

You don’t have to be late for school, meetings, appointments or jobs to get enrolled for NIN.

You wouldn’t have to wait in line for your NIN slip after enrolment. We’ll send it to your email automatically.

For extra convenience, opt to have your NIN printout delivered to your home at an extra charge.

What will happen to my data once captured?

Our licenced enrolment agents are trained to provide these services - enrolment & issuance of the NIN; Card activation & issuance; NIN verification & authentication services, and Modification or date update.

Agents have restricted access to the information captured. All information captured on NIMC’s enrolment software and are sent in an encrypted form to the National Identity Database.

Once the send key is pressed and a successful reception response is received, the software automatically self-destructs the data

Access to information in the database is granted only on ‘limited information’ required for the specific transaction and with the explicit or implicit consent of the person whose data is to be accessed.