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Get Discovered, Increase Your Visibility, & Prove Your Company’s Trustworthiness To Global Investors.

Are you an entrepreneur or representative of a trustworthy African company? Mansa is the future-proofing due diligence platform for your company to get deserving visibility.

AFREXIMBANK is building the largest data repository in Africa and connecting Africans with global organizations.


Before we tell you that, let’s tell you the problem

The lack of a single repository of primary CDD/ KYC data in Africa makes it difficult for African entities to access financial services outside of Africa. This lack creates an increasing cost of due diligence checks for global organizations which discourages them from doing business with Africans.

African Export-Import Bank (AFREXIMBANK) is a pan-African trade finance institution established by the African governments and investors to expand trade between Africa and the rest of the world.

AFREXIMBANK is fixing the aforementioned problem with a due diligence platform called MANSA that will serve as a primary data repository for Africa, which global institutions can reference to easily prove the trustworthiness of any African.

How is Seamfix related to this?

In keeping up with our mission to ensure inclusion for all Africans through identity verification and seamless due dilligence processes, Seamfix is officially partnering with AFREXIMBANK to get all African businesses listed on the Mansa due diligence platform.

Additionally, we are looking to reward anyone who is interested in propelling this initiative and promoting the acceptance of Africans.

We will pay you for every business you get to sign up on Mansa.
No T&C attached.

The Authoritative Source For African Business Information.

Mansa is now the go-to place for investors and other stakeholders to research and evaluate companies that operate in Africa. Onboard your company on the Mansa platform to;

  • Create visibility for your company to global investors and other foreign organizations looking to partner.
  • Enable your company with an Africa Entity Identifier necessary for inter-Africa transactions via the PAPSS platform and to access any intervention funding from Afreximbank.
  • Foster trustworthy relationships with foreign organizations as a verified and trusted business safe to work with.
  • Play a significant role in reducing the cost of compliance, which could reduce the cost of trade finance in Africa.
  • Boost the African economy when global businesses are able to form trustworthy relationships with African businesses.
  • Promote confidence in the African identity across global organizations.
Clear All Doubts And Remove The Guesswork Out Of Doing Business With Your Company.

Get On The Due Diligence Platform That Offers Faith In African Companies.

We will be happy to onboard your company. Here’s what we’ll need from you;

  • Your CAC Incorporation Certificate (Mandatory)
  • Your company logo. (Mandatory)
  • A brief description of what your company does, 4 – 5 lines (Mandatory)
  • Contact Information – Address, email, phone number, website (if any). (Mandatory)
  • Signed copy of the Mansa Contributor Agreement. (Mandatory)
  • Particulars of directors, shareholders and shareholding structure are usually found on Form CAC 7A and 10A of corporate affairs documents. (If it applies)
  • Copies of the IDs of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) showing name, nationality, source of wealth, and passport. (If it applies)
  • Category of the industry your company belongs to. (Mandatory)
  • Management report/ audited statement/ company bank statement within the last 4 months. (Mandatory)  
  • Tax clearance or any of the most recent tax information. (If it applies).
  • Signed copy of Administrator Appointment Letter – presenting someone from your company to manage your profile on the Mansa platform. (Mandatory)

Join The Largest Pool Of Investable Companies In Africa

    • Mansa features a unique due diligence process that brings together information from an extensive network of businesses in Africa.
    • The Mansa Standard offers potential investors a comprehensive and transparent overview of a company’s structure and prospects. 
    • With the assurance that each company has passed Mansa’s review process, investors and global stakeholders can confidently do business with African companies.
    • Through MANSA, trustworthy companies like yours can get their stories heard and validated.
    • Mansa is changing the game by helping African companies get certified and be discoverable in a highly competitive market
    • Mansa’s goal is to connect Africa’s authenticated and trusted companies to investment opportunities with the aspiration to promote African economic growth.

Remember, If you are not a trustworthy company in Africa, then Mansa is not for you!